Vision / Mission

At Sa Re Ga Ma Music Academy, we inspire musicians, singers, performers and practitioners of the entertainment business to bring out the best of the talents. A tremendous opportunity for those who believe in our institute, where the best of commercial practice will meet individual Talent, It is not just a school but also a stage, a platform, a launch pad, and a business enterprise for those who deem in the power of music.

With our modern amenities, best of the faculties and far-reaching connections within the music industry, Mr. Gajendra Singh introduces "Sa Re Ga Ma Music Academy" and offers a music course that develops aspiring singers to their highest potential and, most importantly creates an outstanding all rounder artists and a global performer.

Sa Re Ga Ma Music Academy recognizes the requirements of being a part of music industry and its functions, thus provides a broad learning environment for students, which connects them directly with the industry.